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Why now I hate Iphone

Yes, I hate it so much. It is because Apple systematically throttled my phone. And it happens in 2020 after 2017’s big controversy that forced Apple to admit it.

Here is the story: I bought Iphone 8 in January 2018. At the same time, I also bought Galaxy S9 for my wife. I had been using Iphone and apple products since long time ago: I have iPad air, iPad Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone. I threw away my iPhone 3Gs in 2017 when I briefly took an android phone, OnePlus. So, fair to say that I was a loyal Apple customer.

But it will change since now. The reason is very obvious: my iPhone 8 has already throttled by Apple. I can clearly feel how the phone becomes very slow after an accidental upgrade–my daughter accidentally push the yes button from the annoyingly push notification for update.

Well, Apple said that this push is for the sake of reliability, with the trade off of fastness. It is to avoid the iPhone of suddenly being shut down. Well, Apple, I don’t buy your argument. Why? Look, my wife’s android phone (Galaxy) still run fast and smooth after 2 years of heavy using. Why Apple cannot do that too? Hah?

The reason I buy an expensive phone (Apple is always over-priced), is not only because it is good looking, and smooth experience. But it is also because of its durability. Apple used to have this in their previous phone models. But for the sake of business–they have to keep their business open–they systematically kill our phone.

For me, I will naturally upgrade my phone after using it for a while, 5 years in average. Apple know that too. But I hate when, for that reason, my iPhone is being gradually killed long before it should “naturally” die. Why I should sacrificed from the beginning? The pain and agony is felt long before it die! The slowness annoyingly disturb my daily usage even on my second year of iPhone. That is crazy. And that is why I will switch to Android.

It will be a brave decision on my side. All my gadget environment has been “appleized.” I can easily transfer my files among devices. My notes instantly appear on other devices. But, at the end of the day, all of these benefits are accessories to the overall usage experience-fastness, smoothness, reliability and durability. I can still find a way to transfer files, and sharing my notes between Apple and Android.

I will upgrade my devices regularly, but not because of systematic devices killing by Apple, but because I want to. I hate when Apple forced us to upgrade the devices by making our phone a junk since the beginning!

I hope Apple listen, once again, to this big problem that make people switching.

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