Dell XPS Slow and Sluggish?

I was desperate for weeks with my Dell XPS 15 9550. I love this laptop so much. This one came with the highest specs when I bought it. The screen is amazing, the bezel is almost invisible. Working fast, a true horsepower for my daily usage. Never have problems before until it suddenly became sluggish. I can feel hot it became very slow. The opening apps are much slower than usual

I am strolling the internet to find a solution. I have tried many suggestions. But still, those tips did not work.

Until I found a solution in the Dell community discussion that suggests a simple step to solve the issue: simply unplugged the battery from the motherboard for several minutes and put it back.

Wallah….it works! my Dell XPS 15 back to normal now. I am so happy. I am writing this hoping that someone finds this simple post useful.

So, if your Dell XPS 15 9550 (It may also work for other versions as well), just do a simple step: open the back of your laptop, using T5 screw, and then unplug the battery cable that connects it to the motherboard. Wait for 5 minutes and plug the cable back.


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