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Democracy is in danger?

We are probably worried too much recently. He is a liar anyway. So don’t take his mouth seriously. But still, if the boaster and the liar are the ones who hold the highest position in the most powerful and rich nation, we must worry about what would happen. And that feeling has grown to be anxiety yesterday after I saw that ‘sh*t show,’ to quote a commentator on cable news.

Look, I am coming from a so-called ‘the third-world’ country. Indonesia just started its democracy in 1999. Very young if you compare it to the US. But still, I never see this kind of presidential debate back home. I hope it will never happen in the future.

The last presidential debate here in the US is not only the worst but also the ugliest. Bad words, insults, bullies, lies, were all over one and a half hours televised debate. It was watched by over 70 million people! It somehow became a real sh*t show.

I don’t want to blame anyone. Certainly, those Fox’s guys and Mr.Trump’s fanboys will always cheer the president no matter what, no matter how ugly, and no matter how crazy he is. Blind support and allegiance is a norm within the Republican. So, certainly, for them, this show is Mr. President’s show and he won the debate.

But for anyone else who has a decency and a simple common sense, the debate has gone ugly, certainly, because Mr. President had too much adrenaline. It was like my child when has a sugar rash. Maybe for the next debate, the Commission must give Mr. Trump a lip zipper. So, he can zip his mouth when he needs to listen and unzip it when the moderator asks him to speak

In that debate, what also really strange for me was this: how is it possible, a seating president keeps telling people that the election is rigged, the mail voting is manipulated, and the election must be stolen. Look, he is the president, the most powerful guy. If all those things happen, it must be done by those who hold power.

This kind of rhetoric, normally spoken by the opposition who has concerns with the corrupt official that could manipulate the outcome of the election.

Everyone knows this is part of the strategy: if he loses, he can easily say that he lost because the election is rigged. And because of that, he can claim the existence of fraud of the election and go to the court. All this is a classic dictator style. One will surprise that this happens in the US.

The very foundation of democracy is a fair election. If you keep telling people that the election is unfair, you basically try to destroy democracy. That is why everyone must worry about this situation.

Or probably now is the time for international observers to come and observe the US election. I still remember when Indonesia held the first and the second election, many international NGOs came to Indonesia to see and observe the election process. And after that they would declare their observation to the world.

It is probably the time when the Latin American, African and Asian nations that for decades were observed and monitored by the US for their democracy to come and observe back the US. Helping must be reciprocal: it is the time when the US needs the help of other countries :).

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